The Support Center's Dream Big Competition Winner 2016!

The Support Center's Dream Big Competition Winner 2016!

I am very excited to announce that K9 Salute, LLC was selected as the winner in The Support Center's Dream Big Competition in May 2016! This was a contest held in North Carolina and after being selected by The Support Center, the winner was determined by public votes. K9 Salute had a total of 1,339 votes - which was a win by only 8 votes!! We have been offered the full funding that we requested to grow the business, along with other business support that's much needed when starting out. 

This is an extremely exciting opportunity that I am very grateful for. I can't express enough thanks for all who put up with me during the week of voting and shared the voting link for 5 days straight all the way up until the very end! 

Thank you all again for voting & sharing and I will be sure to make you all proud!

~Jessica & Tilly

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Do you have any plans for a grain free treat? My dog has grain allergies, but I would love to support you cause. Also, what can I do to help my community provide protective gear for our K9 heroes?

Thank you for your efforts!

Christine Dingeman

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