2016 P3 Progressive Pet Products Show

2016 P3 Progressive Pet Products Show

The P3 Progressive Pet Products Show was held on August 24-25, 2016, at the Navy Pier in Chicago and was the first major trade show for K9 Salute, having a booth only 3 months after officially being in business. We went there with packaging prototypes, hundreds of samples, and no idea what to expect!

P3 showcased a variety of really innovative and intriguing pet products, from food and treats, beds, feeding bowls, leashes and collars, shampoos and supplements. The show was full of buyers walking the exhibit floor, the majority of which came from smaller retailers such as family-owned pet shops, veterinary clinics with retail boutiques, and even pet trainers looking to possibly recommend and sell to their clients. A big trend are all-natural food and treat products made in the USA. K9 Salute fulfills this need and we had a successful show because of this.

During the show, K9 Salute had a handful of retail stores make purchase orders on site, and we've had a few contact us in the months since the show to place orders for their shops. We have been waiting on our packaging to get done before fulfilling those orders to have a more professional, finished product on the shelves since it will be our first impression in the pet retail world. That process took a couple of months longer than we expected - mostly due to many revisions of the designs trying to get it perfect! It was definitely a learning process but we are happy to announce the bags finally came in mid-December and we will be fulfilling those initial purchase orders the first half of January and getting K9 Salute products on retail shelves in NC, WI, IN, and IL.

We are working diligently on getting these products out in stores and looking forward to working with the retail stores that made orders with us to get things started! If you are a retailer and would like to carry K9 Salute treats please contact us for wholesale pricing.


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Jessica Harris

Founder, K9 Salute



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We produce the Got to be NC Festival each May in Raleigh at the NC State Fairgrounds and this would be a great place to showcase your products to a hometown crowd. We’ll draw almost 100,000 patrons in three days! Be glad to give you more information.

Jim Knight

I just came across your product on the web & thought it would be great if you could set up a booth at the 2018 CPE Nationals , June 8, 9, 10 at Champions Center, Springfield, OH.
Vendor applications will be accepted between July 1, 2017 and April 30, 2018 only.
For information contact Ruth Ann at cameok9@gmail.com or 513-729-2750

Mary Repko

I heard about your product through Mike and Amanda Patterson and was wondering about your Grain-Free treats. My husband is a retired combat vet who works with police in Oregon. We have 5 dogs but one is a Belgium German Sheperd who has to be on a grain free diet. The brochure Amanda had listed grain free but I could not find it on your site.

Janet Herbes

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