K9 Reefer ~ Chelan County Sheriff's Office (Wenatchee, WA)

Chelan County Sheriff's Office "K9's & Wine 2" Fundraiser

What is better than dogs and wine?! I can't think of anything... except we really are more beer people at K9 Salute, but wine works for us too! (Which reminds me - We have the best camo koozies out there so be sure to get yourself one!) The Wenatchee/Cashmere, WA area in Chelan County is where I am from originally, so it was an honor and a privilege to be asked to set up a K9 Salute booth at the 2nd Annual K9's and Wine event that benefits the Chelan County Sheriff's Office K9 Unit. It also allowed for a great visit to see family and friends!

If you're not familiar with the central and eastern part of beautiful Washington state, it's wine country! What was extra special about this fundraiser is that K9 Salute features one of the CCSO K9's on our treat bags, K9 Reefer. Last year in 2016, only a couple of months after the first K9's and Wine fundraiser, Reefer was killed in an unfortunate accident. This was a tough loss for this small community, his handler, and the CCSO. I reached out to the CCSO a few months later to ask permission to have a tribute to Reefer on K9 Salute bags. If you're not aware, we feature tributes to fallen K9's on the back of all of our treat bags. One of the missions behind K9 Salute is to honor and remember the many brave K9's that serve & protect in communities around the country. This is something unique about us that no other dog treat or food company does and I think is what makes us a little extra special. Being able to honor Reefer, a hometown hero, and share him with others is very special to us and an honor we do not take lightly. Reefer and his handler, Carlos Rodriguez, also had a recent photo shoot together so I was provided with some very beautiful photos of this team.


The fundraiser was a great success thanks to the Wenatchee Valley community and supporters of the Chelan Country Sheriff's Office. These police K9's are such a valuable asset to departments around the country, and yes, they sacrifice their lives for humans. That is what makes dogs in general so special. I bet your own dog that you have as a pet would do the same thing if put in that situation. Dogs are our best friends and our protectors and we owe it to them to honor them in death. I think there's a reason that God spelled backwards is Dog. What did we do to deserve these amazing creatures.....


We are looking forward to K9's and Wine 3 next year and thank you to all that have supported the Chelan County Sheriff's Office K9 program!

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Do you have a store in NC. If so I have some photos of K-9 hero dogs of WW1 Sgt Stubby, Rags .I would like to send to you. Chuck Shuck was a army dog handler. He is behind Gabe to the rescue on face book maybe you could do a meet and greet or a book signing.


When is your 2018 K9’s and Wine event?

Shayna R Dickey
Thank you so much for coming and attending. We reached our goal of $10,000!!!! Looking forward to the next event sometime next year.
Aaron Shepard

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