K9 Salute ~ 1 year later

K9 Salute ~ 1 year later

What is K9 Salute? Do you know what our purpose is? As we approach the 1 year anniversary of the first police K9 killed in the line of duty in San Bernardino, CA on January 6th, 2016, I am able to look back and reflect on the growth from taking an idea out of tragic losses suffered around the country in January 2016, finding a way to honor the K9 heroes killed in the line of duty, and am now able to see the great potential we have to make an impact.

By the end of January 2016, 8 police K9's had been killed in the line of duty. The first was K9 Jojo of the San Bernardino County Sherriff's Office. Jojo was an explosives detection canine and had also assisted searching for explosive devices for over 10 hours following the terrorist attack in San Bernardino on December 2nd, 2015. Jojo was the first dog K9 Salute got permission to feature on our treat bags.







 The second K9 that was tragically killed was K9 Jethro of the Canton Police Department in Ohio on January 10th, 2016. Jethro was shot 3 times but lived and many seemed optimistic about his recovery. Unfortunately, the next day he took a turn for the worse and died. There is no doubt that his partner, Officer Ryan Davis, is still here because of this brave K9. I watched this tragedy just as many around the country did and recall being so heartbroken. We are honored to feature K9 Jethro on our treat bags.

After these 2 K9's were killed it just seemed to keep going. Following Jethro was K9 Krijger the next day from the Norfolk PD. The next was K9 Ogar on January 19th of the Smith County Constable's Office in Texas. Ogar is our 3rd K9 featured on K9 Salute treats bags. K9 Jag of the Twin Rivers Unified School District PD in California followed on January 20th, next was K9 Kobus of the Omaha PD on January 23rd, then K9 Betcha of the Rutland County Sherriff's Office in Vermont on January 29th, and finally K9 Aren, on January 31st of the Port Authority of Allegheny County PD.

~ K9 Ogar ~

Eight police K9's were killed in just one month, and that is how K9 Salute was created. I wanted to do something to honor our fallen K9 heroes that protect us every day and protect their human partners. Besides being a dog lover in general my entire life, I have a particular fondness for working dogs. I was lucky enough to see some in action during 20 years of service in the military, and had the opportunity to serve alongside some law enforcement K9 teams as a medic for a few summers as well. I wanted to do something to help fund police K9's in getting much needed protective vests as that generally isn't part of their budget. But what could I do to raise money and how could I honor those we had lost? What better way to get the word out to dog lovers around the country than on a treat bag! I immediately started experimenting with treat recipes, sourcing only wholesome, locally farmed ingredients, and then getting them tested at a lab and registered with the Department of Agriculture. I then started contacting police departments that had recently lost K9's to get their permission to feature a tribute to their dogs on the treat bags. The offer was more than well received and I was honored they were trusting me with this.

It has been a much longer process getting these treats to the market than I thought, but it has finally happened. Ironically enough, the finalized treat bags have just been sent out this week to the respective handlers that initially agreed to allow K9 Salute to honor their friend and partner. So one year later, the idea has now turned in to a reality and we are excited for these handlers to get the products showing their partners off for all to learn about them.

The goal of K9 Salute in 2017 and beyond is to donate a portion of all sales to help veterans get service dogs and to help police K9's get protective vests. We all can't make large donations to causes we believe in, but we can all spend a few bucks at a small business with products made in the USA, knowing a portion is going to a good cause.

Thank you to everyone that has supported this mission and journey since we started selling treats in June of 2016. We've come a long way but we still have a long way to go. We've made some great progress in the pet industry and are getting recognized in that field too. We have new products being developed and are set to develop a jerky treat line and paw & nose balm very soon.

If you didn't understand what K9 Salute was before, we hope you do now. If you're looking for wholesome, all-natural treats for your dogs, and you want to help veterans and police K9's, you have found the place!

Treat your hero with 'Treats of Honor'!

Jessica & Tilly

Founder, K9 Salute




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My name is Courtney. I volunteer with a rescue in Georgia that donates abandoned, abused, unwanted dogs to a service dog program. These programs are both 501c3 organizations that run off of donations. I was really hoping I could talk to someone in regards to how we can request donations. We train these dogs and give them to veterans for free. We also help police, first responders, EMTs, etc. These dogs save the veterans as much as the veterans save the dogs. We call them battle buddy teams. If you would like to learn more, please feel free to email me back.

Courtney Ledonne

Courtney Ledonne

Sent you a pm via Facebook.


Sent you a pm via Facebook.


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